Quality Cargo

South Georgia is well known for being a major hub for cargo trailer manufacturing. However, all cargo trailers are not made the same. The owners of Quality Cargo have many years of experience building enclosed cargo trailers. While being employed by other trailer manufacturers in South Georgia, they noticed that trailers are often not built with a focus on quality. Quality was often sacrificed resulting in unhappy customers and sometimes unsafe cargo trailers. After realizing that they would not be able to convince management at the other factories to correct their quality standards, they decided to start their own company and focus on providing customers with a high quality cargo trailer.

Unlike other factories, our owners are personally involved in the building of each and every trailer. We carefully select each worker based on their skills and their commitment to building a quality cargo trailer. We are dedicated in providing our customers with a quality built trailer!

Our trailers are sold only through authorized dealers. Quality Cargo prides itself with the best-qualified dealers in the market, giving each and every customer the best service and experience possible.